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Have you ever been travelling by air? If not, then you have come to the right place. For a first time flyer, the process involved can be quite overwhelming and daunting, but when you get used to it, you will see it is really simple. And to help to accelerate that process, we have written this article. From what you should do the moment you step in the airport to the moment you arrive at your destination, we have gathered a lot tips for you, our beloved readers, so that for your first time air travelling, you will not be confused of what you should or should not do.


Before going to the airport, it is advisable for you to do some research online first. Information such as where to buy tickets or the map of the airport can be easily found on respective airports’ websites. Moreover, most airports now have their own customer support team that you can call to ask questions in case you are not clear about something. The more information you manage to gather, the better you are equipped for your first flight.


The first step in getting used to flying is to learn to ask questions. It is no doubt that for your first time at the airport, things can seem strange and unfamiliar. With that in mind, every airport has their own support team to help customers with their flight. From where to go and what to do, the support team will always be willing to answer your question, even take you to where you want to go if asked. Therefore, if you are confused of what to do when you are at the airport, it is advisable for you to seek out the support team and ask them to help you (politely, of course).


This is fairly important to ensure that your luggage meet airline requirements in term of the items that you brought and the weight of your luggage. First of all, most airlines allow you to bring around 50 pound (about 23 kilos) and if you are going to bring more, you will have to pay a fee or even be forced to leave your exceed items. Therefore, it is advisable for you to weigh your luggage at home beforehand so that you do not need to throw your items away. Second, in term of items that you are allowed to bring with you, you can bring one personal item as well as one carry-on item, such as your mp3 player or laptop. Moreover, some airlines do not allow you to bring items that contain liquid like water onto the plane so make sure discard those items at home.


In addition to tickets, you need to remember to bring all required legal documents as well, such as your passport, photo identification card, etc… in order to check in your flight.

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Necessary tips for you to avoid jet lag

If you are businessman or just simply have a job that takes you out of the country a lot, you will definitely need travel by plane. And your work is constant that means you will have only a little time to spend on relaxing with your own time and then go out for business. I am sure that almost people will say to me that they usually feel a bit tired if they have to travel a lot and then start working right after a couple of hours. So, the problem here is how to avoid the tired feelings – actually it is called the jet lag? Here in this article, I will show you some effective ways to avoid the jet lag problem. By doing these simple tips, you will have a better shape to be ready for all the upcoming tasks even they are very tough. All the businessmen need it, right?

Take a sleep in enough hours

At the night before the date of flight, you have to take a deep sleep in enough hours to prepare well for the upcoming day with a long hour flight out of country. This simple tip is very useful because the enough hour sleep will give you the best shape to deal with any hard work. Because it is quite difficult for someone to relax during the time of flying, your body as well as your brain is tired. And if you do not make both your body and your brain relax before, you did the worst job because the time afterward, they will be too tired and do not want to work for you. So, sleep enough during the night before the date of the flight is very necessary. However, there are some people who are very over optimistic with the statement that they can sleep on the plane so they do not really need to sleep enough during the night before. Is that true? I would like to say no, it is totally not true. The ability to sleep on plane for a long time of flight is good but it is still very necessary for you to take enough hour sleep at the night before because the on board sleep is not as good as the sleep at your own home. According to the result of the research recently, the scientists have proved that the best sleep is the one at your own home and in your own bed in the bedroom of yours. So, even you can sleep well on board, you still need to take a deep sleep the night before the date of flight.


The food you eat and the time you have meals are very important. Before taking a flight you should have a light meal in order to not make mess with your stomach especially when the plane is taking off. This meal should be at least 1 hour before the takeoff time. And what about the dinner the day before the date of the flight? It is not too much important, you can eat everything you want as long as those food can make you comfortable. The only important thing is that you need to full your stomach up to the extent that is enough to satisfy you. The simple reason of it is that you will have a good sleep at night if you do not feel hungry at the time going to bed.

On the plane, if you are hungry, you can try something to eat. You should assure that those things are not too much with sugar and/or with fat and/or protein because these ingredients will make your stomach work harder to digest. And then you will feel not good on the plane and this is one of the reasons that causes jet lag.

After landing, you can have something to eat to create energy for upcoming activities. The amount of this meal depends on how do you feel at the airport of landing. If you are at the good shape, you can eat a fairly complete meal. If not, you had better have a light meal.

Try to take a sleep after getting off the plane

It is not always easy to sleep right after landing to some people. But it is the very necessary thing to do especially to those who are going to enter in a conference or the negotiation process. Taking a sleep after getting off the plane is the best way to help you fill up your energy and get ready for the upcoming tasks because your brain need to relax after long hours flying in the condition that lack of oxygen and has low air pressure.

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Flight Attendant

Today, flight attendant is a good position job in the job market. Everybody hears at least one time that this position will give them more than $3000 a month. Yep, it is the truth. So, now you can imagine how hot it is. But everything has 2 different sides. The upside is that this job pays you a high salary but the downside is that you will have to pay almost of your time in a day to the job – not just a nine to five job, it may be “nine to nine” job. So, there are somebody who was born to be flight attendant. If you are this kind of person, this article will help you. Now, let’s enjoy it and get your own some useful tips for your future career!

Excellent English skills

If you are the civilian of the country where English is the mother language or just English is used popularly, you can have your very first advantage because the passengers taking plane are not similar to the other transport methods like bus, train,… People who use flight to travel are usually from the different countries, so that is the reason why ability of using English is the very first requirement to the flight attendant. Learning English is not difficult but it ask you time to spend on. So, if you dream the flight attendant job, you should invest in the English right now – to the people who are not speaking English as the native language. You can learn by yourself or attend a course in the English center. Whatever you do will be alright if you define that your aim of English skill and a good plan to be stick to.

Good communication skill

The job of the flight attendant usually asks them to communicate a lot. So, the communication skill is the second requirement for a person to get this job. The communication skill cannot be acquired in a short time and you cannot just study it on the book. You have to go out and learn from the street – that was called “street smart” (a typical term referring to the living skills that are leant by go out of the house and do anything as long as it is of ethic). This will take you time but once you have it, you acquire it – I mean the skill you got will never fade. Good communication skill will help you a lot a work, so try to build your skill every time and every day. Reading book is the first way you should start with, not only the books that teach the communication skill. Reading the literature books will gives you the source of words and ways to express your thought in the effective way. Moreover, reading literature book will foster your soul so you can understand more the things around you and help you love your life more, enjoy your life more. Find your books you love and spend time reading it, you will gain more than you invest in. Like I have said above, in addition to reading books, you have to go outside and practice, remember to use the lesson you learn from book before.

Have flight knowledge

The flight attendant have to have the knowledge about a flight. This may be trained after you are hired but in the first interview, you had better have some flight knowledge for example you know exactly the common procedure of a flight operation from taking off to landing on the ground. The very important thing included in the flight knowledge is that flight attendant must have the knowledge to deal with the emergency circumstances especially the dangerous one for example plane crush, plane falling off or just simple case like a malfunction of one engine occurring. These knowledge will have you have a higher probability of survive when the event happens. You should make sure that you understand this problem because the flight attendant always has to keep in her mind that the emergency situation could happen sometime. Skills are important but knowledge is very important as well. Try to gain the knowledge day by day before you decide to apply for this position especially the large airlines group in order to raise your advantages in the job applying competition.

Having beauty is an advantage

I am sure that you have heard it somewhere! Like the bank staff, the flight attendant also has her advantage if she is beautiful. This beauty term here does not mean you have to be as beautiful as the misses but at least you have the good looking. That means your body measurement should be beautiful and every point of your face should fit the total picture.

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First class flight is not only for the businessman, it is also can be right for other class of people for example the stars or kind of. Some plane manufacturers have think of spend a room used only for gaming purpose – called gaming room or entertainment room. Because the periods of flying time in some cases are very long, adding something for entertainment to waste time is extremely useful. Let’s imagine it, think of the plane equipped with the modern gaming room. Wow! How fantastic it is! Now, in term of profit, you definitely see your profit will rise thanks to this great idea. But, how to put it in the right way, take the right track with the right plane, you need a detailed strategy. Gaming room is costly so it is a considered expense.

For the safety standard

During 2014, the whole world have been seen a lot of tragic plane accidents. So, for everyone who’s going to taking the plane, safety is set in the first request. People use plane for travelling but people choose your brand for your unique services. That means, you have to serve the passengers with the best service, not only the safety standard but also the utilities you provide. In term of safety, it has to comply with the rules of air industry and plane manufacture industry as well. The most important thing considered here is the weight. So, the best safe plane must go with the best gaming chair and other furniture.

For the entertainment value

Once your airline brand launches this new idea, you can be more attractive to those who are stars, parents with kids and so on. And what does it mean? Of course, it will lead to increase of the profit each year. Let me explain. Stars are people who usually get out of the country to do show, which means they fly a lot. Some flights are taken in a very long period of time, so if there’s something for they to entertain except for the usual things for example newspapers, radios, etc. they will obviously love your flight. In term of parents with kids, the ticket that set them for the area that is equipped with gaming furniture will be the best suitable for them. If kids are sleeping, it is OK. But if kids are awake, they will make their parents awake too. So, ordering this great kind of ticket will satisfy parents as well as the children, of course.

And finally, the last purpose always is for profit

Providing extraordinary services will make your airline brand more competitive and then it will lead to more profit and larger percentage of market segment as well. Today, there are a lot of airline agencies nationwide, so there’s a rough competition.  If your brand does not stand out, it may make negative cash flow because the airline industry requires a huge amount of money invested in. If you keep performing the flight while there are only a few passengers on plane, it is not effective. On the other side, if you cancel the flight with a very few passengers, your airline brand will definitely be ranked down because of the infrequency. You know, people who use plane for travelling usually are those who have pre-planned for the next thing or even a series of upcoming activities. So, the cancelation of flight will obviously give the passengers a lot of troubles. Now, I am certain that you all know about the importance of competition and market segment to an airline brand. I just want to say it again, the phenomenal services will make your airline agency different!

This seems a great idea. I am sure that there are a lot of people totally agree with me on it. But it will be still an idea until it is put into the fact by professional plane manufacturers. The plane making process is very sophisticated. However, nothing is impossible, we can hope that this great idea will become true one day in the near future. This evolution will certainly rewrite the rule for the airline industry all over the world.

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Ship the army weapons

The army weapons worth extremely high value so they usually are transported by air in order to ensure safety and avoid damage. The typical situation is American army, their weapons usually shipped by plane. And, of course, the solders also are trained many times before they can drive the plan shipping the weapons.

The units of the US Army Air Force participated in the transport of weapons training by transport aircraft. They use the cable transport in Fort Wainwright, Alaska, United States.

Although the government cut down the budget for training, the US military units still hold military exercises all of which are large-scale and very professional. From May 19- 21/3, the Battalion units of No.2, the field artillery regiment 8, the Great Team B, and the Battalion 52nd Aviation Regiment of No.1 and the US military was involved in military exercises in Fort Wainwright , Alaska. These practices are very large with the amount of participants is really huge.

The purpose of the military exercise is to train the military force the skills of transportation of weapons as well as military vehicles by using heavy transport aircraft with support from cables. This shipping method is commonly used by the US military especially when shipping the weapons to the pot of United States military force in Afghanistan and Alaska.

This is about military weapons, what about other types of weapons such as hunting weapons? This article will show you how the hunting weapons are transported all over the world.

1. By road

The hunting weapon may be shipped by road if the shipping distance is not too far. This is usually used when transporting hunting weapons domestically. When shipping oversea, there are a lot of transport methods for shipping hunting weapon for the purpose of sale or giving as gift or even exhibition.

2. By sea

This is the cheapest transport method to ship goods including hunting weapon. But this method is the slowest, that means it takes fairly long period of time for transport only. And the quality transport is not high, because many risks exist when the vessel travels on the sea. However, many kind of hunting weapons are shipped by sea. For example the Nikon p 223 3×32 and the Nikon prostaff 3-9×40 and other kinds of hunting weapons such as bowl, rifle, short guns, long guns, component parts of rifle, component parts of bowl…are usually exported to other countries by sea.

3. By air

As I have said, the military weapons all are expensive and dangerous for human so they are transported by air. Contrast to the military weapons, the hunting weapons are less harmful and less dangerous, of course, have less value so they are rarely shipped by air because the air freight is very high. However, when the export contract requires express transport, the air transport method may be used to ship the hunting weapon. This method is used both in domestic and in foreign trade.

4. By rail

The cost of rail transport is fairly low but is higher than sea transport, of course. However, the shipping time of this method is faster than sea shipping. Likely to air transport method, this method can be used for shipping the goods not only in domestic but also in the world for international trade purpose. The rail transport procedure is not simple as sea transport but is much easier to do than shipping goods by air transport because the amount of shipping documents required are less than the air shipping documents (which asks for 12 documents in total).

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Next is the experience shared by air travel part 3! You can followValuable Experience When Travelling By Plane Part 1″ and part 2 at here.

Having good meal while flying

You need to choose the following foods:

  • You should eat a light meal before and during the flight with protein packed food (do not eat too much)
  • Eating foods with ginger as a spice, or maybe eat a few slices of fresh ginger, which is very good for digestion and help you avoid jet lag
  • When you fly may have flatulence. Therefore, foods with potatoes, turmeric… will be good for your digestion.
  • Eat lots of food containing vitamin B such as celery… In addition, you should also eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and remember to supplement zinc to avoid being tired.
  • At the height of several thousand feet above the ground, in a very dry environment, with cold air due to the air-conditioning, you are very easy to fall into a state of dehydration. So drinking about 180ml ​​of water before boarding is just enough for 3 hours flying.
  • The fruit juices, milk is also good but wine, beer and alcohol should be completely avoided especially when boarding the plane.

Resolving problems being denied by the airport when carrying out procedures

There are two cases: The first one, you use your bank card to purchase the tickets online but forget to bring it to the airport. The second case, you buy a ticket on the airline’s website by the bank card of your relatives or friends…. Some airlines have very strict regulations on the issue of payment by bank card when buying tickets online to avoid the bank card data was “stolen”.

Do not get angry and think you are offended. It is the rule regulated by most airline agencies today. To avoid the bad thing like this happen, just remember the following points:

  •  You should buy ticket and make payment by your own bank card, and remember to bring this card with you to the airport. If you go with a group of friends or family on the same flight, that you buy tickets for them will not be a problem as long as you present the card used to purchase such tickets.
  • In case you have someone purchase tickets online paid by their card, just ask him or her to bring that card to the check-in counter at the airport to confirm that the payment is made by this card. Normally, the airline staff will ask the cardholder to present identification / passport and bank card to confirm.

purchase tickets online

  •  If you buy an airline ticket which has no representative in Vietnam, you can contact them to ask what the payment verification procedure is.

How to survive if plane gets trouble?

The key to survive in aviation accident is still awake in the “golden moments” – only 90 seconds after the plane gets trouble (crush, gas leaking…).

In an accident, death does not only happen when the plane crushed, but also often when the victims smoke inhalation and burned if they cannot quickly escape from the aircraft while it is falling.

Passengers can take steps to protect themselves in the event of an incident.

The first is to always fasten safety belts, even when the aircraft is safe.

The second step to protect yourself is to get familiar with the safety features of the aircraft.

The passengers are likely to ignore the safety instructions before flying. That you know how to operate the safety equipment, find out the nearest exits and follow the instructions of the crew in the emergency is very important.

These decisions are made in next seconds in the emergency can make the difference between life and death.

One other important factor creating the chances of survival in an accident that you have to comply with proper position used in emergency the crew instruct, such as hunched, head restraints on the front seats … This posture keeps your body does not crush the front seat, which can help you avoid injury on head or neck and can get off the plane in the 90 crucial seconds after accident happened.

And just remember to get out of the plane, do not try to bring any baggage or items at all, because they will slow down your speed and bother the others.


This article ends the series “Valuable experience when travelling by plane”. Wish you have the best time every flight!

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Incheon International Airport

Incheon International Airport or simply calling Incheon Airport is the main international airport located in the heart of Seoul (the capital of South Korea) and is the biggest airport in South Korea. This is one of the largest airports all over the world and is a very important entrance to both Asia and East Asia. This airport is in Incheon city, mainly providing services to the citizen in Seoul and surrounding areas and nationwide residential. In 2005, Incheon International Airport was voted to the list of the world’s best airport by the Airports Council International (ACI)’s assessment and was considered as one of the three 5 stars airports in the world, the others are Hong Kong airport in Hong Kong and Changi airport in Singapore according to survey and research of Skytrax.
Located in the west about 70km (43 miles) from Seoul – the capital and also the largest city of South Korea, Incheon International Airport is the main hub of the airline agencies such as Korean Air, Asian Airlines and Polar Air Cargo.
The airport commenced operations in 2001 to replace the Gimpo Airport that later became the domestic airport and only services some short international flights to Tokyo (Haneda Airport), Shanghai and Osaka.
Incheon International Airport has now become the hub airport for the flight, passengers and cargo for the East Asian region. This airport has been the 8th most vibrant airport in the Asia and the 15th in the world in terms of freight and the 11th busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger transport since 2006.

Incheon Airport currently has a golf course, spa services, private accommodation, hotels, casinos, gardens in the station, shopping mall, entertainment center and the large dining area and the Museum of Korean Culture.

Enjoy a Traditional Culture Experience on your Stopover at the Incheon International Airport

The awards, certificates and rating

• Since 2005, the Incheon International Airport has been voted to the list of the world’s best airports by the Airports Council International – ACI, being considered as a 5-star airport under Skytrax’s survey and research. Similar to the two remaining 5-star airport (Changi Airport in Singapore and Hong Kong Airport in Hong Kong), Incheon Airport is always in top 3 in the list of world’s best airport for many agencies, economic organizations, airline corporations, travelling companies all over the world. Every year, reaching the top position is always considered as the competition race of these three airports.

  • In 1998, Incheon Airport achieved Construction and airport services ISO certification
  • From 2002 to 2005, Incheon International Airport won the Best Airport Award for according to IATA and ACI.
  • In 2002, Incheon Airport ranked No. 2 in the list of world’s best airport according to IATA and ACI.
  • Incheon International Airport Corporation became the first to receive ISO certification in airport services.
  • In 2005, Incheon International Airport won the award for the world’s best airport by the AETRA Monitoring Service organizations along with IATA and ACI.
  • In 2006, Incheon Airport was awarded for the world’s best airport according to the passenger surveys conducted by IATA.
  • Incheon Airport receives environment ISO certification.
  • Incheon Airport was awarded “The best quality and the best rank” at the International Conference on Quality and services of the airport, held by IATA and ACI organization.
  • In 2008, Incheon Airport ranked No. 2, “The world’s best airport”, after the Hong Kong International Airport and followed by of Singapore Changi International Airport.
  • In 2009, Incheon Airport ranked No.1 on the list of the world’s best airports according to a survey by Skytrax, followed by Hong Kong International Airport and the Singapore International Airport – Changi.
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There are people who simply want to see the world in their very eyes. Some people like to travel and experience sceneries they only see in televisions and bulletin advertisements. In a different level, one way of promoting the country’s tourism industry is to enhance national establishments and facilities such as airports and historical landmarks each country has.

Benefits of Airport Facilities

Airports can be plainly defined as the port entrance of the airplane transportation. Every nation has this kind of facilities to improve the accessibility of the nation to other parts of the world. Most of people may have the same outlook and you’re enjoying the convenience of utilizing the services it offers. Let’s look at the major benefits airport brings to the country

1. Broadens business partnership

Airports serves as the landing area for the goods exported (international freight) and imported (domestic freight). Business partnership globally is being widely connected since there is this exchange in products/goods within countries through the entrance in the airports, for instance stores in America can’t export your purchase of the best miter saw to your door step without using the service of airports.

 2. Increase International Investments

When airports are developed to reflect the country’s economic wealth and national culture, tourism and international investments raise up as the airports give that first and last impression of the country. Company investors are attracted to invest on nations that are well trained to use their resources productively through a very inventive way. For example, when investors explore for a good business investment and learned that the miter saw manufacturing has the positive sliding compound miter saw reviews then investors will be compelled to invest to your company.

 3. Re-live the History

Aside from having well-established airports, nations can open their country to explorers who wanted to see historical locations found within the country. Countries like South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong are just some of the countries on the top list of travelers for sightseeing and educational tours. People around the world can have access in different countries through airports to enjoy educational trips with the whole family and friends.

What people look for an airport?

Although people travel anywhere and they utilize every airports they can’t deny that they are stunned by the beauty of some airports and for that we know that you too have your favorite ones or at least you have a prospect of the airport you wanted to see for yourself.

1.  High Security

People don’t just look for a good location to land they wanted a secure place to stay especially if you are a foreigner in the land or maybe you’re waiting for connecting flights. Because of their lack in orientation of the country they prefer to stay within the vicinity of the airport.

2. Systematic operations

As people travel they want a safe and stress-free trip. Travelers expect airport operations to be systematic and avoid delays or cancellation of flight due to unacceptable reasons. The airport should provide the travelers a light and easy travel experience so that they could enjoy the airport’s services and added features.

 3. Facilities

Travelers need full time accessibility to communicating lines/equipment and market so that they won’t have to hassle themselves to run to a store to buy anything they need. A developed airport has these facilities to provide customers’ accessibility.